Business intelligence provides data at the moment of value to a company. With quick access to your internal data, you can more efficiently use your time to analyze internal information and make decisions.

Companies incur a huge direct cost as well as opportunity cost when people, and even entire departments, focus on things that are not aligned with the company's strategy. Establishing metrics and key performance indicators aligned with strategy, then using BI software to provide visibility and drive accountability, brings alignment of activities and outcomes with the desired strategic objectives.

The more employees who have access to data, the greater value organizations will derive as a result. BI software allows businesses to maximize information capital and turn every employee into a decision maker. With the relevant, real-time information, employees can make data-driven, informed decisions that impact the company's bottom line.

A strong BI system, if well-configured, can help eliminate the time spent copying and pasting data and performing calculations. apply customer insights from BI to understand who your best customers are, where to find more like them, and in some cases, which customers to fire. Reveal information about your sales channel partners, enabling your sales team to triage top and bottom performers.

Cutting excessive inventory and thereby the cost to maintain it is one of the easiest changes a company can make to immediately affect its bottom line. And a BI solution with a good dashboard that provides retailers better visibility into inventory, enables them to make better decisions about what to order and what to sit idle.

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